By Funizwe Gaines

Last Saturday, June 25th, the Ma’at Youth Program kicked-View Postoff their weekly summer camp. After a field trip to Books & Breakfast, the kids headed back to the Rowan Community Center to conduct a science experiment. The experiment was lead by Mama Justine, who explained, and then showed the kids how and why a carton of eggs can withstand the weight of more or less any human that walks across them. Menkahre, a 15 year old camper, noted that arches can distribute weight better than any other shape, and that since eggs are two arches formed together, they will be able to stay intact under an astonishing amount of weight.

Leading up to the experiment, the kids found it very hard to believe that the eggs would be able to hold, but to their surprise, there were no cracks after multiple walks. Afterwards, Brooklynn and Zoey stated that while walking across the eggs, it felt as if they could break at any moment, and that they were relieved once they reached the other side. All in all, it was a fun, light-hearted experiment that helped the campers scratch the surface of arch related physics.


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