Rasheen AldridgeRasheen Aldridge has been selected as the recipient of the 2013 Jamala Rogers Young Visionary Award. Aldridge is native St. Louisan and graduate of ParkwayWestHigh School. As a fast food worker, he quickly became involved in the Show Me 15 Campaign that has been fighting for a livable wage and the right to organize a union without retaliation. He has helped to organize other fast food workers in their demand for $15 an hour and better working conditions from an industry that makes billions annually. With the $2000 scholarship, Rasheen will resume his studies at Forest Park Community College next semester.

Rasheen says he’s been truly inspired by the numbers of African American males and females standing up for better jobs and fair wages.

“When I stand up and speak out, it’s not just for me,” he says. “I’m standing with the next African American who’s trying to make a change in the world.”

The annual Jamala Rogers Young Visionary Award recognizes young adults who are working for social justice and making a difference in their community. The award is named after Jamala Rogers, a respected community leader, who has inspired thousands of young people to use their time, talents and skills to uplift their communities in meaningful ways.

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