Mandela with youth

By Semhar and Selam

Nelson Mandela was very important to young people because he taught South African to stand up for their rights. He was put in jail for 27 years because he tried to help his people. Nelson wanted to tell everyone that APARTHEID was not fair to the Black South African people whose land it was. The government told him that if he followed their rules, they would let him out of jail. Nelson said no because he wanted his people to be able to fight for their freedom.

Many people around the world protested to let Nelson Mandela out of prison. Finally, the government agreed because they thought their businesses and government may be destroyed by angry citizens. Soon the Africans voted for Nelson as their president. He made changes like no segregation and everyone was to be treated fairly.  He died on Thursday December 5, 2013. He is remembered and loved all over the world. His legacy will continue to inspire for generations to come.

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