Johari McRae was recently recognized by her principal and team for her calm and quick thinking in the unexpected face of danger. Johari is a first grade teacher in the Winston-Salem NC school district. She and a few other teachers were on a field trip with their classes to the Civil Rights Museum (Greensboro) when they received word about an armed gunman coming into the area. Police quickly cordoned off and everyone was on lockdown for what seemed like an eternity.  Fortunately,  it was a false alarm. The children were quickly put on their buses without knowing what happened and ended their field trip without further drama.  The district alerted parents to the situation as the media had already broadcasted the news. Congrats, Johari. Now, tell us you learn those coping skills in the Ma’at Program!


Sharifa Taylor  is a freshman at Xavier University in New Orleans is busy in various cultural and political activities. She was a contestant in the Miss Africa Pagent.


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